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leer Mineral mine Lengenbach, Binn Valley, upper Valais
leer The history of the mineral mine Lengenbach goes back to the year 1732, when the Englishmen Mandel and Aston (who lived in Paris) started the gallery with the intention of ore mining. Still this part of the mineral mine is called "Englishman's gallery" (Engländerstollen). The leasing contract of the two mining engineers was cancelled in the same year since they were Protestants and therefore unwelcome in the Catholic Binn Valley. Starting from the "Engländerstollen", from 1833 minerals have been mined at this place. The Binn Valley became well-known as the "Valley of Minerals", which promoted the "mineral tourism" starting from the middle of the 19th century. At that time, the Binn Valley was very well attended by visitors from England. The Hotel "Ofenhorn", a symbol of Binn, was constructed by the English in the year 1883. The English tourists in the Binn Valley were the inventors of hiking and mountaineering. They were involved with many first mountain climbs in the Binn Valley. With their tales of adventures in the mountains they had a strong influence on literature and painting of the romanticism which is an important period of the English history of civilization.
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