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leer The Performance "Marriage of Heaven and Hell" - A multimedia happening
inspired by William Blake
By Knut Remond
leer Mineral Mine Lengenbach, Binn Valley, Valais, Switzerland

Dates: July 21, 24 and 26, 2005
Time: 9.30 pm

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The Participants:
William Blake: Phil Minton (GB)
Soprano: Francisca Näf Vosnjak (CH)
Stilt dancers: Nartan Kerstin Niemeyer (D), Richard Henschel (D) (Soloists of the ensemble "Die Stelzer")
Tape: Soprano voice: Francisca Näf Vosnjak, Speaker: Rachel Matter (CH), Bass and double bass clarinet: Markus Eichenberger (CH)
Light design: Rolf Derrer (CH)
Costumes: Claudia Güdel (CH)
Sound engineer: Rolf Brantschen, Toposound (CH)
Idea, composition, choreography, director: Knut Remond (CH)

The Happening: Extraordinary acoustic and visual appearances haunt the mineral mine at Lengenbach in the Binn Valley, Valais. Sound spirits, mysterious play with light, voices, singing and dancers on stilts are elements of a multimedia open-air Production in the German dialect spoken in Valais and English. The night performance, composed and conceived by Knut Remond will thrill international and native visitors alike.

The Story: In 1793, the English author and visionary William Blake receives a letter from his friend Henry Fuseli, a Swiss painter residing in London: A call to by all means visit this mysterious Binn Valley. William Blake is eventually convinced, and after an adventurous journey from London, finally reaches the mineral mine of Lengenbach. There he will be surprised by extraordinary events, just like the spectators themselves. The original Letter, which Fuseli wrote to Blake, as well as further material regarding this mysterious story are to be found on this Website.
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