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Tuesday 3 January 1792 (Excerpt)

Store Street Jany 3, 92

Dear Sir,
I should have written to you sooner, not only to have thanked you for so speedily answering my letter, but for your affectionate remembrances in Mr. Fuseli's, had I not been very much engrossed by writing and printing my Vindication of the Rights of Woman, and by a standing-dish of family cares....
And now, not to affront your authorship, I must tell you that I like some lines in your Revolution song, and some stanzas in your ballad. --Our friend Fuseli is going on with more than usual spirit--like Milton he seems quite at home in hell--his Devil will be the hero of the poetic series; for, entre nous, I rather doubt whether he will produce an Eve to please me in any of the situations, which he has selected, unless it be after the fall. When I am in a better humour I will give you an account of those already sketched--but had you not better come and see them?--We have all an individual way of feeling grandeur and sublimity.

from: The Collected English Letters of Henry Fuseli, edited by David H. Weinglass, 1982 Kraus International Publications

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